Ink Painting Today 2009 Shanghai New Ink Art Exhibition

The exhibition is composed of five theme sub-exhibitions:

--Exhibition of Shanghai New Ink Painting Base
--Ink Creation: City Inspirations, planned by Mr. Chen Xiaoxin
--Thirty Years of Ink Art Overseas, curator: Mr. Zhang Pingjie
--Ink painting: Abstract, planned by Mr. Jiang Zhenggen,
--Pink Ink—Ink Painting Exhibition for Contemporary Female Artists, planned by Mr. Yang Weimin

Among more than the 70 international and domestic participating artists, there are those from the older generation, such as Liu Guosong, Cheng Jialing, Chou Deshu, as well as those from the younger generation, such as Cheng Xinmao and Jin Weihong. International artists include Barbara Edelstein (from United States), Ya-Qiu Maruyama (from Japan) and Ryu Il-seon (from Korea). The differences in age, background, geographical locations and culture all play a part in the works of the exhibition, resulting in a wide variety of artworks, causing a rich and constantly changing picture.

Through the past 5 years, the influence of Shanghai New Ink Art Exhibition has been rapid and huge. This is seen from the original exhibition with the theme Unity of Heaven, Earth and Human in 2005, to the 2nd exhibition Renewable Ink in 2006, to the 3rd exhibition Exploration in 2007, to the current exhibition Ink Art Today, as well as from the original three artists to the approximately 70 overseas and Chinese artists working together in this current exhibition.

Zhu Qizhan Art Museum and the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, the organizers of the exhibition, have always been interested in the area of Ink Art. Ink Art Today will be held till 10th June. For more information, please and 

In this article are parts of the works by the participating artists.