Radical Neutrality and other trends

For the first time, WGSN has applied its research methodologies to interpret its renowned macro trend work into long-term forecasts that specifically inform beauty product, packaging and brand development for A/W 12/13 in cosmetics, skincare, hair care for men and women, as well as beauty retail and marketing inspirations. 

Yee, confirmed as Beauty Editor earlier this month, commented, 
“As consumers get more demanding worldwide, beauty brands are under more and more pressure to innovate in brand, in packaging and retail experience – as well of course as in product. At WGSN we realised that the time was right for us to offer the beauty industry a powerful source of reliable future intelligence that will de-risk their creative development, as well as be a rich source of creative inspiration.”

The A/W 12/13 Beauty Macro Trends interpret the trends for the season identified by WGSN earlier this year. These are:

‘Radical Neutrality’:
Moderates are the new radicals, neutrality is the new spirituality and taking the
middle ground becomes the most progressive choice in a world of exaggerated hyperbole and polarised extremes. Meet the new minimalism.
Crafting a new luxury in parallel with nature, combine sustainability with the
mystical and hedonistic.
‘Hyperculture’: Discard singular ethnicity in favour of multiple origins and influences, sowing the seeds for an aesthetic revolution. Between cultures, genres, media and timelines lies the raw material for this infinitely versatile trend.